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One of the Top Manufacturers of Metal Buildings in the USA

Horner Building Company is the authorized builder and distributor for Kirby Building Systems in East Tennessee. Kirby Building Systems, LLC has been a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered, high-quality metal building systems for commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, aviation, and many other specialty metal building applications. Kirby Building Systems has a team of metal building experts ready to assist you in achieving the optimal custom metal building solution for you. Learn more about this industry-leading manufacturer below. If you’re in the market for the highest quality metal building system in the US, then give us a call today.

Your Best Choice for Custom Metal Buildings

With a full-service plant in Portland, TN, Kirby Building Systems specializes in custom-engineered construction solutions, encompassing multiple building components, framing options, extended bay options, special exteriors, multiple roof system options, and industry-leading warranty protection programs.

Kirby Building Systems is an industry-leading manufacturer of custom-engineered, high-quality and cost-effective metal building systems. The company offers a full line of quality metal building products, including complete framing systems, wall and roof panel systems, and extended bay options — all engineered and manufactured by Kirby teammates. When you’re looking for custom solutions for your next metal building, look no further than Kirby Building Systems.

The Kirby FOCUS

  • Fit
  • On-time Deliveries
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Unbeatable Service
  • Solutions that Work

Kirby’s FOCUS on quality and service results in building systems with solid advantages, including fast-response design, web-based estimating software, more detailed drawings, fewer pieces to erect, and complete buildings delivered on time, resulting in faster completion schedules.

Kirby Building Systems is the best choice for your custom metal building needs. The company’s building systems and products are:
Supplied by an American company
Designed and detailed in America
Made from steel manufactured in America
Fabricated in American-owned facilities with American workers