6 Things To Expect With Horner in Your Corner For a Commercial Construction Project

There’s only one team in the Smoky Mountains you want in your corner for your important commercial construction project: Horner! Through our years of experience working on a variety of commercial construction projects, Horner Building Company has built a reputation for being a trusted construction partner that you can count on to get your business off and running. When you hire Horner, you receive much more than just a team of builders. Here are 6 things to expect with Horner in your corner for your commercial construction project:

1. Quality Work

As a business owner you’ve put in countless hours planning every last detail of your enterprise, from the behind-the-scenes work to what you want your business to look like. You deserve a commercial construction company that has that same level of dedication. Horner Building Company prides itself on only producing the highest quality work that both you and we can be proud of! We won’t put our name on any work that we aren’t proud of. You can expect a team that does whatever it takes to make sure the job is done to the highest of standards in a way that only enhances our reputation as the top commercial construction company in the Smokies.

2. A Clear Vision

construction workersWhere many other construction companies go wrong is not having a clear vision. It’s difficult to build a business from the ground up into exactly what a client dreams of without having a clear idea of the final goal and the process along the way. A vision of what your business will one day look like, a plan to achieve it and a suitable timeline are required to ensure a successful project. Horner lays out all of these important pieces from the very start, helping to calm any anxiety you may have about the process.

3. Creative Innovation

A giant piece of the puzzle in establishing a clear vision for your commercial construction project is the use of creative innovation. Horner Building Company embraces creativity and the latest in commercial advances to create a plan for your business that is top of the line. Take for instance our partnership with Kirby Building Systems. Kirby is the go-to choice for custom metal building needs, applying unique advantages like fast-response design, web-based estimating software and detailed drawings. Fewer pieces to erect and solutions that work result in the faster completion of your project.

4. Integrity

horner building company doorOur reputation as a trusted commercial construction company in the Smoky Mountains comes from years of being open and honest with our clients. While other companies may try to hide problems or give you the run-around, Horner is upfront and honest throughout the entire process. We shoot straight will all of our clients about what to expect, any potential issues that may arise and our capabilities as a commercial construction company. We provide fair and accurate estimates so you won’t have to worry about suddenly being surprised about costs. It’s important to us that we build life-long relationships with our clients, not just projects!

5. A Team That Listens

What’s important to you is important to Horner! As we plan your commercial construction project, applying creative innovation to establish a clear vision, Horner wants your input. It’s of the utmost importance that when your project is completed, it looks exactly how you envisioned it. We’re happy to listen to any ideas you may have and will work with you to turn them into a reality. We’ll apply our years of experience working on projects of all shapes and sizes to do just that. When you hire Horner to handle your construction needs you can expect a true team effort. You’ll feel comfortable bringing up any concerns that you may have, allowing us to appropriately address them in a professional manner.

6. A Knowledgeable Team

horner signExperience is irreplaceable when it comes to trusting a commercial construction company to build your business. Horner Building Company has decades of experience in the commercial construction industry across a variety of projects throughout East Tennessee. These projects include restaurants, hotels, office buildings, attractions and everything in between. We’ve seen and done it all! This experience gives our team a unique knowledge base that is crucial throughout the process and one you won’t find from other construction companies. Oftentimes the best way to address any issues is by relying on our experience in handling similar situations in the past.

With Horner in your corner, you can expect a smooth experience in building your commercial construction project! Learn more about how our team is ready to help you bring your business to life in a professional manner that you can be proud of!