6 Tips for Curb Appeal of Commercial Properties & Why It’s Crucial

A good first impression goes a long way when it comes to attracting clients to your business. A positive first impression relies heavily on the curb appeal of your building. Does your property look attractive and welcoming? Or does it look run down and in need of upgrades? By focusing on upgrades outside of your building, you can add value and boost business. Here are 6 tips for curb appeal of commercial properties and why it’s so crucial:

1. Embrace Quality Landscaping

Invest in a professional groundskeeping service to keep your property looking fresh and inviting at all times. Manicured lawns and colorful flowers let your guests know you take pride in all aspects of your business. Consider trees, flower beds and more to add a natural touch that makes your building pop even more.

2. Add Eye-Catching Signage

aretha frankensteins in knoxvilleA sign designating the name of your business is often one of the first things that a passerby notices. If you have an outdated sign or one that’s lost its color or is damaged, replace it with a fresh new one that immediately draws attention. Make sure any plants around your signage are properly groomed so that it doesn’t hide any parts of it.

3. Keep Tidy & Clean of Trash

There’s perhaps no bigger turn-off to potential guests than a dirty property. Whether you mean to or not, it tells folks that you either lack organizational skills, are lazy, or a combination of both. Routinely pick up trash that may wander onto your property to keep your place as inviting as possible. Not to mention, litter is no good for the environment.

4. Incorporate Outdoor Amenity Areas

horner projectOne of the most successful additions commercial properties can incorporate is outdoor amenity areas. Consider installing benches or picnic tables for guests to have a convenient place to take a load of their feet and relax while outside your building. Giving people, including your own employees, a place to breathe in fresh air and soak up gorgeous weather adds curb appeal. If you do add furniture be sure it’s weather resistant so it doesn’t quickly fade and become unappealing.

5. Repair Sidewalks & Parking Lot

Another one of the things visitors first notice about commercial properties is the quality of its sidewalks and parking lot. A bumpy parking lot or one with potholes is not only a turn-off but could even cause damage to cars. Meanwhile sidewalks that are severely damaged can pose a walking hazard. Spending the money to keep these in top condition is well worth it.

6. Install Outdoor Lighting

horner construction projectLet your commercial property shine in the best light possible! By installing outdoor lighting, you can highlight key features of your building, really making it further stand out when people pass by. Lighting also adds a layer of safety, helping to keep it better secure when the sun goes down.

Reasons Curb Appeal is Essential

By considering the addition of some of the above features, you can help make your business stand out. Here’s why that’s important:

1. Makes a Good First Impression

Before people ever step foot inside of your business, they’ll start forming opinions based on what they see on the outside. By focusing on curb appeal, you can help make sure that you make a positive first impression. When commercial properties have proper curb appeal, folks are more likely to consider visiting and spending their hard earned money.

2. Increases Property Value

horner buildThe money you put into curb appeal can pay you back and then some down the road. If you end up having to sell your property – perhaps you end up growing and needing a much bigger space – your curb appeal will help drive up the price. Selling prices for commercial properties are often higher when it’s attractive and well-landscaped.

3. Can Help Attract Guests

Think about the last time you visited a new city. You probably drove by some commercial properties that looked incredible and others not so much. Which one were you more likely to visit and spend money at? The same applies to businesses in your town. With curb appeal that makes your property stand out, you’re more likely to attract new guests!

4. Helps Gain Clients’ Trust

dominosCurb appeal does more than just make your building look attractive. A good-looking property helps your guests feel comfortable, relaxed and make clear-headed decisions. Nature elements in particular have a relaxing effect on guests. When you clearly take pride in your property, guests not only appreciate it, but also feel as if they can trust you.

Elevate your business by adding curb appeal that can help you be more successful. Need a commercial construction projection completed? Check out why you should hire Horner!