7 Things to Know About Kirby Building Systems

Horner Building Company is proud to be the authorized builder and distributor for Kirby Building Systems in East Tennessee! Kirby Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered metal building systems throughout a variety of industries including commercial, recreational, institutional, industrial, aviation and more. These construction solutions encompass multiple building components, framing options, extended bay options, special exteriors, multiple roof system options and industry-leading warranty protection programs. Here are 7 things to know about Kirby Building Systems:

1. One of the Top Manufacturers of Metal Buildings

Kirby Building Systems ranks as one of the top 10 manufacturers of metal buildings in the world! As a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered, high-quality and cost effective metal building systems, Kirby Building Systems has a tradition of excellence and industry experience going back more than 6 decades. These metal buildings have left generations of customers satisfied with its elite level of products and service. Building systems and products are supplied by an American company, designed and detailed in America, made from steel manufacturers in America and fabricated in American-owned facilities with American workers!

2. A Steady, Reliable Supply of Steelmetal building framework

Kirby Building Systems is a division of Nucor. As part of the Nucor team, Kirby Building Systems always has a steady, reliable supply of raw steel that allows it to keep production schedules and deliveries on schedule. This level of stability is unparalleled in the metal building industry! Don’t wonder if your materials will arrive in time ever again! These metal building solutions are made from Nucor steel, which is 100% recyclable and made from more than 70% post-recycled content. The Nucor Corporation is a member of USGBC®, an organization that promotes construction that is environmentally responsible.

3. On the Cutting-Edge of Technology

Kirby Building Services supplies numerous cutting-edge technologies for builders! These range from software design using BIM 3D building design, a web-based estimating program, rendering and VR capabilities, ShakeOut Pro — a jobsite logging application, a lead generation program, the Kirby ToolBox app, an exclusive Builder Dashboard featuring online tools and information and of course exceptional customer service! This unique level of technology ensures your dream comes to life exactly how you’ve envisioned it for years.

4. Cost Effective Construction

metal building constructionMany folks have turned to our custom metal buildings in part because they cost less than conventional construction! On average, you can save up to 30% by electing to construct a metal building. Because of the efficient design process from Kirby Building Systems, they’re able to help you save on the bottom line! Building systems and products are built on-site in a IAS-accredited facility so they’re fully code compliant and made of the utmost quality. Metal buildings are durable and have longer lifespans than wood structures. Steel is also resistant to mold, termites and corrosion.

5. Fast & Efficient Construction

Steel building systems from Kirby Building Systems are designed by professional engineers using the industry’s latest and most advanced technology. This makes for a simpler construction process that significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to build the structure. That makes for lower “in place costs” and a quicker turnaround to opening. The optimized processes followed by Kirby Building Systems reduces the time it takes to design, produce and fabricate your metal building.

6. Environmentally Friendly Buildings

worker on metal roofSteel building systems are made from more than 70% recycled steel and are 100% recyclable. These energy-efficient buildings from Kirby Building Systems are adaptable to numerous energy efficient insulation systems, including cool-coated insulated panels, which can cut down on your energy costs. A low profile roofline can be a great solution to eliminate unnecessary head room to heat and cool. Building systems give you a chance to capitalize on earning LEED points from the very beginning.

7. Flexible & Versatile

Our steel buildings are perfect for numerous applications from residential to commercial to the agricultural, community and retail industries. These buildings have a variety of design options, exterior siding, roofing and trim colors to choose from! Pick from brick, stucco, wainscotting or other options. All the options you have to pick from make these metal buildings truly customizable! When you want to expand, the metal walls and framework are easy to remove to make for seamless additions to your existing building.

You can see why Horner Building Company’s partnership with Kirby Building Systems is a successful one that folks can’t wait to jump on board with! When you partner with Horner Building Company, you’ll receive all these great benefits of working with Kirby Building Systems. Before you decide to move forward, check out these things to know about Horner Building Company!