7 of the Top Traits to Look for in a Commercial Construction Company

The search for the right commercial construction company is a process that can be stressful. There are few things as important when building your business as landing on the right commercial construction company to get the job done. With seemingly endless options, who can you trust to properly breathe life into your biggest business dreams? Looking for a few particular traits in a construction company can help ensure you find the perfect match. Here are 7 of the top traits to look for in a commercial construction company:

1. A Good Track Record

The reputation of a commercial construction company is one of the most important factors you’ll want to be on the lookout for. You can learn a company’s reputation by checking a number of things like an extensive portfolio, customer testimonials, references and word of mouth. Search for a commercial construction company that previous clients speak glowingly about like Horner Building Company! With years of experience in the construction industry, completing projects of all shapes and sizes, Horner is exactly who you want in your corner!

2. Full Transparency

construction workers shake handsA trustworthy commercial construction company is one that inspires confidence and encourages collaboration with its clients. Transparency in all aspects of your project is important in any professional setting, but particularly when commercial construction budgets come into play. Horner Building Company shoots straight, telling you what you can expect so there are as few surprises as possible throughout the process of building your business. From cost projections to planning and everything in between Horner does business the right way, every time, providing you with all the information you need to know what’s to come.

3. Professional Ethics

When hiring a company to build your business, you want a team that has strong professional ethics. This means looking for a commercial construction company that is honest, first and foremost. Search for a company that doesn’t overcharge, who employs trustworthy and hard-working people and has a strong sense of integrity. By doing so, you’ll run into fewer speed bumps as you navigate the commercial construction process. Horner’s team of professionals goes above and beyond to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

4. Listening Skills

conversation over constructionThe best commercial construction companies are effective communicators. Communication isn’t a one-way street when it comes to completing your commercial construction project. Find a commercial construction company that values your input like Horner Building Company. At the end of the day, what matters to you, matters to Horner! We listen to your suggestions and ideas so that when your project is complete, it’s everything you imagined it to be and more!

5. Exceptional Customer Service

Throughout the construction process, you’ll work closely with your commercial construction company. Projects can be extensive and complicated in nature. That’s why finding a company who can cooperate on all levels and make the process as easy as possible is crucial. A team with exceptional customer service can help to prevent any miscommunications that could delay or derail your commercial construction project. The Horner team is easy to reach, quick to respond and always treats our clients with the respect they deserve.

6. Organized & Detail Oriented

contractingBuilding a business is a multifaceted process that can often feature complex timelines. Planning and coordination are crucial to any project. Look for a company that outlines this process in a detailed manner. You want a commercial construction company that is on top of the details from start to finish. Because construction projects are complex, look for a company that knows how to immediately address any issues as they may arise. Horner Building Company leaves no stone unturned, making sure plans are followed from start to finish, helping ensure a project that’s completed on time and to all of your expectations.

7. A One-Stop-Shop

The last thing you want to have to deal with when undertaking the complex process of construction is having additional people or companies to deal with. This often takes up more of your time as you have to communicate with numerous different people. Find a commercial construction company that can handle all aspects of your project from start to finish. From the initial planning stages to the final touches, Horner will get the entire job done, saving you time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere.

When searching for a commercial construction company you can trust to turn your business dreams into reality, look for these important traits. Horner Building Company has been trusted by countless business owners to get the job done! Learn more about our commercial construction services and why Horner is the top choice for your project in the Smokies!